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As you all know, Jaejoong of TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki’s drama titled Sunao ni Narenakute / 素直になれなくて / Hard To Say I Love You was confirmed last week. Three days later, a teaser of the drama was also released. Well, now a poster of

Sunao ni Narenakute has been unveiled!

The poster was revealed through Fuji TV’s drama homepage. The poster reveals the five main cast members: Eita, Juri Ueno, Megumi Seki, Tetsuji Tamayama and Jaejoong. A staff member expressed, “[Jaejoong] was a bit nervous, but he was the atmosphere maker.”

Sunao ni Narenakute was written and produced by popular Japanese screenwriter Kitagawa Eriko, who also worked on Heaven’s Postman, which featured Jaejoong. The drama’s plot line revolves around the story of five young people who meet through a popular social networking service, Twitter.

Stay tuned to the premiere of Sunao ni Narenakute on April!

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Seven CFs for 2AM….awesome!!!

Posted: March 19, 2010 in 2AM, news

2AM’s definitely enjoying some top-tier fame right now; it’s been reported that this ballad quartet has been offered seven CF projects!

Some of 2AM’s CFs have been already filmed, while some are still scheduled to be filmed later. From soda drinks to clothing brands, the boys’ revenue from CFs alone is approximately 10 billion won (approx $880,000 USD). People are especially anticipating their Pepsi-Cola CF as they will be the first Koreans to be shooting for Pepsi-Cola’s endorsements.

This domination of CFs isn’t the only success that they have hit; their tracks I Did Wrong and Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die have been dominating music charts. 2AM’s future also seems to be bright as the members have been getting various love calls from event and concert companies.

Congratulations to these young men!

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As expected, SNSD’s new song, Run Devil Run, has reached the number 1 spot on all music charts!

Right after it’s release on the 17th, the song claimed the number 1 spot on sites Dosirak, Bugs, Soribada, and more. The group is reliving their glory, as their previous song Oh! which dominated the charts immediately after it’s release and is still faring pretty well today.

What an achievement for this group; their first comeback song was very successful, but to think that they would get another all-kill in such a short amount of time!

2AM Jo Kwon reveals that he wishes to take wedding photos with Brown Eyed Girls GaIn.

Jo Kwon was on MBC ‘Music Journey Lalala’ on 17th March when he was asked the question ‘When spring comes, what I would think of’.

And he revealed, “I want to take wedding photos” referring to GaIn who plays his make-believe wife in MBC We Got Married Season 2.

Meanwhile, on the show, 2AM Jo Kwon, SeulOng and Ali did a cover of Alicia Keyes’ ‘If I Ain’t Got You’.

The highly anticipated music video from SNSD aka Black Soshi is finally here! The song Run Devil Run was released just a little while ago and now the full visual package to go along with it is out as well.

The 180 degree change from Oh! to Run Devil Run is not only a dramatic one but a very well-received one as well. The music video features these girls in totally new outfits with relatively maturer choreography and sexy new hairstyles. We’ve seen the banged out YoonA and black and blonde haired Jessica in the teaser photos and video, but watching them fully transform into these new identities in the video is a whole different story.

The “catch me if you can” dance seems like the best part of the whole music video for me. Because I’m more into the dance than the actual song, I’m looking forward to the comeback performance of the Run Devil Run.

The changes between the black and white outfits remind me a lot of Kara’s Lupin music video. Even though SNSD, Kara and T-ara have their own distinct styles, the girl groups are undoubtedly overlapping a bit in terms of concepts at the moment.

But who’s doing it best?

Most of you guys are probably skipping right to the video anyway so without further ado, here it is. Stay tuned to allkpop for SNSD’s stage performances!

check this video below:

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The countdown to the unveiling of So Nyeo Shi Dae’s new concept ‘Black Soshi’ begins!

Coming mid-March, So Nyeo Shi Dae will be promoting their followup song with the new concept. Fans had a sneakpeek of the concept in the ‘Oh!’ MV by the girls released in January. The will be back with a strong powerful image different from their cute and lively image in ‘Oh!’.

The filming of the MV for the followup song was done on 18th February.

Already, other girlgroups are doing for the ‘black’ image like KARA with ‘Lupin’. But with the preview for So Nyeo Shi Dae’s new concept going on since January, it seems that they are not worried about distinguishing their new concept.

A rep said, “We will be seeing So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Black SoShi’ concept very soon. They will give a new feeling from their ‘Oh!’ concept.”

Meanwhile, the girls is doing very well on music show charts – 3 consecutive wins on SBS Inkigayo and 5 consecutive wins on KBS Music Bank.


As you guys know, 2AM is scheduled to release a repackaged album which includes a new track.

Well, their repackaged album has already reached 30,000 pre-orders, and they are about to pass the 100,000 mark in total career album sales since their debut!

Big Hit Entertainment stated, “2AM’s upcoming repackaged album which will be released on the 17th has reached 30,000 pre-orders. ‘Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die‘ already has reached the 60,000 album sales mark, so in total, it’s safe to say that they are going to reach the 100,000 mark soon.

Including their new track, 2AM’s repackaged album will contain 11 tracks total. Some of the tracks from their previously released albums will also be included. The full version of 2AM’s upcoming music drama as well as pictures and clips of behind the scenes will also all be included in the repackaged album.

2AM’s new track will be released online on Tuesday, March 16th, through Daum Music so stay tuned to allkpop for its release!