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Despite SM Entertainment’s ongoing lawsuit against the DBSK Trio – Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu and Micky YooChun, nothing will get in the way of Xiah Junsu as he will begin his solo singing career in Japan next month.

According to DBSK’s official Japanese website,, MTV Japan will start a four part program titled ‘MTV Making the Video’. In this show, the 23 year old gentleman will feature his debut single as a solo artist. Xiah Junsu will show some exclusive behind the scene videos from his upcoming song ‘Intoxication’ in which he wrote and composed himself.

MTV ‘Making of the Video: Xiah Junsu Intoxication’ will air on the following dates:

May 18, Tuesday, 25:30 – 26:00 (first)
May 20, Thursday, 16:00 to 16:30
May 21, Friday, 8:30 to 9:00
May 22, Saturday 5:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

He will then unleash the full MV of ‘Intoxication’ in Japan at the end of May.



LG has released the Full music video and pictures for Cooky featuring SNSD. Check it out below!

2PM will be setting foot on US soil sooner than you expect! They’ll be heading to California on the 29th of April for the Hollywood Bowl Korean Times Music Festival according to an official from JYP Entertainment.

The 8th Korean Music Festival is scheduled to be held at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl on the 1st of May 2010.

After this event, the boys will return to Korea to continue promoting their latest single “Without U”. Don’t be too upset at their short stay in the US as they will be returning in June as opening acts for fellow labelmates Wonder Girls’ American Tour.

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Their recent comeback on the 22nd with their 3rd mini-album, “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop“, has acquired the attention of many with their forceful dance and the supposedly hidden meanings behind the lyrics of their title track, “Without U”. One thing’s for sure though, 2PM are well on their way for US domination. This just brings them closer to ex-group member Jay Park who’s currently making waves in the US ever since his departure from the group.

After much anticipation, male group 2PM released their comeback mini-album and music video for their title track Without U. Now the boys finally make their live comeback onto the stage and officially begin their promotions on M! Countdown!

Although there has been a lot of drama and controversy plaguing the 2PM boys since their Heartbeat promotions, it looks like they’ve risen from the ashes and comeback with a stronger and a tougher image.

Watch below as 2PM gives their fans a double dosage of music as they perform Without U and Don’t Stop Can’t Stop on stage!

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The popularity of many idol groups come from various commercials and the sales of their albums.

But there is another factor that helps these groups gain more popularity and that is the location of their quarters. Lately, there has been news that a popular idol group is currently living at the Gangnam Hohwa villa and is gaining much interest from many fans.

Depending on their popularity, the quarters of these idol groups change for the better. SBS E!TV’s E! News Korea visited the quarters of the popular So Nyuh Shi Dae and 2 P.M.

First, they commented on 2 P.M. quarters. They stated, “The smell of guys in the living is nice. The atmosphere is very nice and it would help the members to live a very bright and positive life.”

After about a 10 minute walk, they reached the quarters of So Nyuh Shi Dae and stated that it was a good location because of the overall atmosphere and also because it was located right by the Han River.

Then, between 2 P.M.’s and So Nyuh Shi Dae’s quarters, which one is better?

2 P.M. and So Nyuh Shi Dae are currently living at luxurious villas and the show has interviewed residents also living at the villas about their lives at the villa.

This episode will be broadcasted on April 23rd at 8:00 P.M.

So, who would you think will have better living quarters? The seven beasts or the nine princesses?


A few months ago, BEAST left us in awe with their amazing and charismatic performances of ‘Mystery‘. Many fans were disappointed that they never made a music video for this addictive song. But not for long…

Rising idol group BEAST released their song ‘Mystery’ as a part of their debut mini-album, “BEAST is the B2st.” This song brought BEAST immense popularity because of its catchy tune and famous ‘neck rolls’ in the choreography. Many fans are still wondering why such a song was never made into a music video. Fortunately, it has now been announced that a music video for ‘Mystery‘ will be released and it will entirely be scripted and filmed by the BEAST members themselves. Their reality show, ‘B2ST Almighty’ is dedicated to grant their fans’ wishes, and as a result, the music video for ‘Mystery’ will be made.

As the song lyrics suggest, it’ll be about a man who often looks out the window, reminiscing this love, and…making curry to lessen his sadness?! Apparently so. Additionally, he will end up in hysterics because he can’t fight back this sadness. What’s even better is that, in the ending, there will be a scene where he changes into Indian clothes and start dancing a Bollywood styled dance. The BEAST members chose this scene as the best scene. This will surely be one interesting music video.

Maknae DongWoon has been chosed as this male lead through the ‘ladder game’. I will definitely be anticipating him doing the sexy neck dance with a turban on. YoSeob will take the role as DongWoon’s past love, which means he’ll be dressing up as a girl, with long hair and pink cheeks.

Genius rapper JunHyung wrote the whole script and HyunSeung will be the strict producer who keeps a close eye for mistakes. DooJoon will be the camera man and KiKwang is in charge of the lighting.

As if this couldn’t get any better, SNSD and KARA will also be making a guest appearance in the music video!

This is a production that you certainly don’t want to miss! It’ll be broadcasted at 10:30 KST so stay tuned!